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Nail Pedicures - Enjoy standing on your own feet


Enjoy Standing on Your Own Two Feet

An average person takes 10,000 steps each day and the skin on your feet is roughly 20 times thicker than anywhere else on your body, so, feet deserve a little special attention keeping them healthy and beautiful.

We’ll start by removing any old polish on your nails, trimming them and your cuticles to a healthy length and buffing feet to remove any dirt or hardened skin, and nails to smooth their appearance and feel. While we work on one foot, the other is soaking in luxurious warm water, and while you’re off your feet we’ll look after all your needs – refreshments, magazines, a comfortable chair – so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy a little pampering.  A full pedicure will not only leave your toes beautiful but also include a foot mask and a massage with moisturiser to leave your feet feeling amazing and in the best possible condition.

Just like our manicures, a pedicure will finish with polish. It’s up to you to choose a simple gloss, gel polish, French polish or even nail art to complete what is possibly one of the most relaxing beauty procedures of all time.